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Stepping Stones Early Intervention Program


The Stepping Stones Early Intervention Program provides a comprehensive developmental program, for children birth through age three, utilizing a center-based model (center based meaning that the program operates out of a singular location).  The program is built on a professional and parent partnership model.  The Stepping Stones Early Intervention Program has two components. Step 1 is for children from birth through 18 months.  Step 2 is for children from 18 -36 months.

At the Stepping Stones Early Intervention Program you and your child will work alongside a highly trained team of professionals who specialize in working with children who have Down syndrome.  Here, an array of Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists work together as a strong collaborative team to ensure that the comprehensive needs of your child are met.  The following describes the specialty addressed by each therapist: A Physical Therapist will work on improving your baby's gross motor skills. The therapist will be concerned with muscle tone, reflexes, stability, and motor development. An Occupational Therapist concentrates on fine motor skills. The occupational therapist will be concerned with your baby's ability to reach and hold objects. The Occupational Therapist will also be concerned with your baby's processing of information through vision, touch, hearing, and movement. A Speech Therapist will concentrate on how your baby uses the muscles of the mouth and face to eat and to make sounds. The Speech Therapist can be a resource for problems dealing with feeding. As your baby grows, the Speech Therapist will help your baby make sounds and form words appropriately.

Mental Health Professionals include social workers, counselors, and others can provide counseling and emotional support to your family. Many early intervention programs include parent support groups which give parents an opportunity to share information and seek advice from other parents.

Step 1: Birth -24 Months

  • 1 hour, once per week
  • No cost to family

Parents/family members attend sessions with their child and the social worker. Parents/family members are provided with therapeutic strategies and guidance in all areas of development for their child.


Step 2: 24 Months- 36 Months

  • 2 hours, twice per week
  • Subsidized monthly tuition


Parents/family members meet with The Arc’s social worker while their child receives services from a highly qualified special education teacher and therapist. At the end of each session, a physical, occupational, or speech therapist meets with the parent/family members to provide them with strategies and guidance designed for their child.