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Stepping Stones and Our Family

“Hello, um…my name is Jennifer Blougouras. I just had a baby two weeks ago, and he has Down syndrome.”

This was the call I made to Stepping Stones on a bright, sunny morning in mid-April of 2005.

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My Story


I had a picture-perfect pregnancy with my second child. Despite the fact that I was 36 I had no concerns; I was active and healthy. I had had several Level 2 ultrasounds, but no amniocentesis.

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Luck of the Irish

I never knew my son had Down syndrome until the day he was born. It’s funny because I had plenty of time to think about what could go wrong..

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The Reluctant Mom

You need to learn to live in both worlds. By the time Matthew was 18 months old, I was a master at living in the “typical” world. I had two older children, and was very clicked in to my community.

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Walk the Path that You’re Given

This has been my touchstone since I learned that the child I was expecting, the son I so longed for, has Down syndrome.

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Welcome to the visitor’s center

Our daughter, Mary, was born seven weeks early, endured two surgeries in her first four weeks of life AND she had Down syndrome! She spent a total of six weeks in the NICU of Saint Barnabas Hospital.

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